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 Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB Fusion HDD iris Graphics price in india laptop Image

 Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB Fusion HDD iris Graphics price in india laptop Image

Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB Fusion HDD iris Graphics price in india

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Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A Intel Core i5/8GB Ram/1TB Fusion HDD/Iris Graphics/Mac OS X Yosemite

Product Specification

Things you should know about the Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A

Are you interested to know about the Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A? This is one of the smallest desktop devices that apple has made till date and can be a very good choice if you are thinking of having a very simple computer at home. Being a consumer, you must be curious to know about the advantages and disadvantages of having this Mac mini. This article is written solely for those who are intending to do a little research before buying the device.

The newest additions that have been made to the Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A is that it has a HDMI port now. So, that means that you can connect it easily to the HD TV and at the same time use it as a computer. So, basically you can have a living room computer if you buy this product. That is by far the coolest thing made! Now, you can see your photos having the clarity that people die for and you can even store the pictures in the SD card that comes preinstalled in it.

The Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A has a memory that is completely accessible by the users because there is a panel at the bottom that is removable. The aluminium case is so sleek that it changes the whole look and makes it more trendy and the fact that you have it attached to your pc makes it have a relatively charming look. The newest addition has been the graphics chip and that is what gives you that awesome clarity in the HD videos.

The price is a factor that you really need to think about. The price that they are quoting for this is a bit too much for many people if you think that you could get a capacity that is bigger in the same price range. The best part about this Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2HN/A is the customization that comes along with it. The capacity of the RAM is 8 GB but you can extend it too. The drive capacity is 1TB Fusion so that you can store the things you need. The CPU has been upgraded recently and now it is 2.8 GHz with Intel core i5.

In a brief statement, it can be said that the people who are already in love with Apple and are loyal to the brand will definitely be very impressed with this device because of the design and appeal that it has. Apple has taken the help of the designers to make this sleek model increase the charm of the desktop that you use. The fact that the inclusion of graphics chip has enhanced the value that this Mac mini has is very much true. All you have to do is buy a keyboard and mouse extra and you are good to go. This device does the work of saving space and electricity really well while at the same time gives you a class performance. This is ideal for those who want a Mac but aren’t ready to buy an iMac.



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