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Apple iMac MK452HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB 21.5 inch 4k ratina price in india laptop Image

Apple iMac MK452HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB 21.5 inch 4k ratina price in india laptop Image

Apple iMac MK452HN-A Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB 21.5 inch 4k ratina price in india

Rs. 113988

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Apple iMac MK452HN/A Intel Core i5/8GB Ram/1TB HDD/21.5" 4K Ratina LED/Intel iris Pro 6200 Graphics

Product Specification

Have you heard of the Apple iMac MK452HN/A?

The very idea that worked towards making the new iMac was to create a desktop experience for you that you will never forget. The desktop comes with the best kind of display and really great performing processors that have perfect graphics and good storage space. All of this is packed up for you in a very slim and small space. The Apple iMac MK452HN/A has been able to live up to this promise. Even though the screen in only 21.5 inches, the system is as good as a 27 inch one when it comes to display. When you are gazing into one of these, it is a promise that you will forget the rest of the world completely.

The retina display created by apple bring to you brightness, accuracy and clarity. What kind of display satisfies you is unknown but what can be guaranteed is that Apple iMac MK452HN/A is a class apart from all that you have seen. The density of the pixel is very high and you won’t be finding any glitch when you see something on this one. The image never flickers. The texts that appear are very sharp and you will never feel that you are reading something that is only digital. The engineers of this iMac used a lot of new technologies to invent something that is so soothing for your eyes. The design is only 5mm thick. When you look at something on the screen, you will feel the difference there is between any other screen and this one. When you get Apple iMac MK452HN/A to be used in your workplace or home, you will feel the elegance it brings with itself. This is one example of that situation where you find elegance and technology walk together.

Speed, performance and storage all are important. This is a fusion of all where you get the best of all the three worlds. The technology used behind storage is great as the speed with which it stores is really innovative. The hard drive has a huge capacity which ensures that you get to save all your favourite movies, music, games, documents and what not! The system has a mind of its own. When it learns how you like to work, you will notice that the files can be accessed quicker and the applications too are launched faster. The drive can be extended up to 3GB. If you think you would prefer a performance that is even better, you should try the flash version where you will get performance that is faster by about 2.5 times.


This computer is made to give you speed. The iMac is faster compared to the other ones and you have the Intel Core processor of the 5th generation installed inside it. You also get the latest AMD graphics performance along with the Intel Iris Pro Graphics. In Apple iMac MK452HN/A you get the best possible impact a computer can ever make on you along with the best speed ever.






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