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The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP 4GB 1TB Windows 10 price in india laptop Image

The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP 4GB 1TB Windows 10 price in india laptop Image

The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP 4GB 1TB Windows 10 price in india

Rs. 24000

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The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP/AMD E1-2500 Dualcore/4GB Ram/1 TB HDD/15.6"/Windows 10

Product Specification

The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP and its usefulness

The industry for notebooks of Acer has been in there for a couple of years now. The company has established a place for itself and made enough name and goodwill. It happens to be one of the top names in the industry when it comes to pc, notebooks, laptops, storage devices, etc. the notebooks that Acer has started to make are now gaining more and more recognition every day. The superb technology and the steady performance is what is making it so famous. The notebooks from Acer have been designed to keep in mind the wants and desires of the customer.

The Acer Aspire ES1-520-32UP has been made with AMD E1-2500 Dual-core 1.40 GHz processor and it comes with the windows 10 software. The 39.6 cm or (15.6") screen is full HD and gives you the ultimate HD experience. The screen has (1366 x 768) resolution in the 16:9 ratios. The notebook has AMD Radeon HD 8240 with Shared Memory but the RAM is of DDSL and is 4GB. The Hard Disk is of 1TB so you have enough space to fill it up with your personal data.

The Aspire series is one of the most wanted lines of notebooks from Acer. The sleek style of the notebook shouldn’t fool you as it comes with features that are enough to satisfy you when you use its applications. During the manufacture of these notebooks, the main aim was to reach out to the consumers and not the professionals. The neat design makes the notebooks perfect for random and daily use. There are other very high end models too for the consumer class but this one happens to be the best at this price. The notebook is not only portable; the performance is very good too. Due to the only 2.40 kg weight, it becomes very easy to carry it around. There are 3 USB ports in total and that makes you connect all your data into the computer at a time.

The Acer laptops have been a favourite of the people for quite some time now and a few are also considered to be the luxury kind. The after sales service of this company is very good and all the people are very responsive. This is what has been increasing their goodwill every day. The build and the speaker quality are very good making it the top choice of the consumers today. Acer is now almost at par with other brands of laptops and notebooks and they have created a pool of notebooks that are portable and reliable. The brand has made its mark in the industry worldwide as they have lived up to the promise made to the world to provide ultra portable notebooks that perform equally good to meet all their needs. The company has always portrayed its laptops for being a brand that not only has great features, but is very affordable and easy to use. At a price range as this, it can be your best friend.





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